He’s hungry to change the finance industry. He’s hungry for success. And, at one point in his life, he was literally hungry.

So Graeme hired a personal trainer. He liked her – really liked her. So, every week, he would ask her out. Eventually, she agreed to go on a date with him if he got down to 90kg, which meant he’d need to lose 50kg.

He succeeded. They went on a date. Now, they’re married.

Graeme grew up poor, which explains why he’s not only hungry for business success but hungry to help his clients transform their personal finances.

His business, Infinity Group Australia, shows clients how to pay off their mortgages ultra-fast, so they can live better lives. He also helps clients understand where they’re spending their money – and the psychology behind their spending habits – so they can take control of their finances.

Infinity has five offices in Australia. It’s recently expanded into New Zealand. Next up is America. After that, Graeme wants to move into Asia.

Graeme works seven days a week, because he’s got big dreams. That’s what hungry people do.